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Hi I'm a computer science and pre-medicine major at Amherst College. Recently, I've been developing data visualizations for functional ecology education with the TrEnCh Project at UW.

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Data Science & Ecology

Predicting and Modeling Insect Phenology GitHub | Website
Created as part of The Trench Project at University of Washington, this interactive R-Shiny based insect phenology forecaster provides a detailed picture of the current developmental status of various insect species across the US and predicts future development utilizing daily high-resolution gridded climate data. This educational visualization provides educators with tools to clearly and concisely teach critical ecological principles to aspiring functional ecologists. This project is currently hosted on an AWS EC2 instance and is using automated scheduling to update insect phenology after pulling geospatial data daily.

Ring of Fire: Evolving a Wildfire Simulator using Genetic Programming
A parallelized genetic program for evolving rules that describe a cellular automaton based wildfire simulation. Both the genetic program and the wildfire simulator were written in Clojure by @Oliver-BE, @MGlusker, and myself.

Modeling Metabolic Responses to Climate Change GitHub | Website
This interactive R-Shiny webpage was created to visualize how ectotherm metabolism has/will change in response to climate change across climate zones. Relying on a significant amount of historical weather data covering a wide range of latitudes, this educational visualization methodologically addresses both climate change since 1960 and the resulting metabolic impact on exposed and thermoconforming extotherms. This project was created as part of The Trench Project.

Visualizing the ecological impacts of marine heatwaves
This interactive React dashboard was created as part of a larger effort by @acannistra with the Buckley Lab at UW to assess the impact of marine heatwaves on phytoplankton.

Assorted Projects

RStudio & RShiny Containerized EC2 Server
Recently, I wrote some scripts and dockerfiles to deploy RShiny and RStudio Docker containers on EC2 providing web access with an NGINX reverse proxy.

Intellage: An Intelligent Photo Collage Creator
Written in Java by @Oliver-BE and myself, this program aims to recreate an input photo from a user-specified collection of jpg images. The following examples each utilized a collection of 26,000 stock images:

Youtube Watch Later
This project leveraged Vagrant’s support for the VirtualBox hypervisor to automate the deployment of two intercommunicating EC2 instances hosting webservers and updating/querying a MySQL database via REST APIs as part of a project for a Cloud Computing Architecture course with @jhk199 and @Reid-Smith11.

Thanks for stopping by! I’ll try to keep this updated as I learn new things.